I am forever commited to the birthing of your untamed gifts

To unleash your gifts, you must also shed shadows, societal conditioning

We will dive deep into this

As a meditation guide, I will show you the path into peace

As an embodiment coach, I will help you connect to your body, your voice, your movement, your joy

As a spiritual mentor, I will guide you to deeper connection with source, nature, and your true path

I'm Sanjana

Pronounced "sun-jun-nah" 😘 spiritual mentor. embodiment coach. meditation guide.

helping you to show up in this lifetime with full authority, sovereightny, passion, and joy

I serve you to

Shed your shadows, programing that doesnt serve

help you arrive at full body fuck yes to things your desire in life

open your voice. move sensualy. embody your full essence

awaken the feminine path to power. and create the structures needed to carry that forward

ultimately, to birth your gifts into this world, letting them find expression through you and expand your wealth, joy, and passion for life

Upcoming offerings

There is another way

Expanded feminine power is calling to you. The wild is calling to you. Asking you to listen. To unleash your untamed gifts into this world.

And why?

Because you are magic. You are here to change this world. And it starts with moving all the shadows, all the BS, all the conditioning out. To let the light, the love, the clarity in.

Your gifts is your key to endless wealth, prosperity, and joy

It's time they moved through you and into this world