Move the Wild is about allowing your wildest desires to move through you and find expression in this world

Your soul and the world is waiting for you to come home to your expanded feminine power and create magic here on earth

  • Natasha

    Sanjana creates such a safe, welcoming, and genuine space to be yourself where you feel comfortable sharing whatever your heart desires. Thank you so much Sanjana for opening your home to us all and bringing together an amazing community of women.

  • Caiti

    Thank you so much, Sanjana, for creating such a welcoming space for us to gather last night. The womb meditation you guided was so powerful, I was brought to full tears as I connected back with my inner child. And a big thank you to the other women who showed up and shared so vulnerably. Together we rise! I can't wait for the next circle!

  • Kassidy

    I was so nervous to go to my first women’s circle but the group was heart-felt and Sanjana led such a beautiful and powerful meditation. I could not be more thankful for the experience!

  • Vianka

    I loved my experience at yesterday’s circle with Sanjana! The meditation she led helped me move through insecure energy I had surrounding an ex-lover. I am forever thankful for the sacred space Sanjana created.

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Thank you for being here. It's an honor to walk this path with you.